A Systems Approach to Crisis Preparedness and Organizational Resilience

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Student Websites

Resiliency (General Principals)

Diversifying Human Capital to Mitigate Risk and Organizational Crisis - Cecil Johnson

Please visit these class websites! You'll find that many are extra­ordinary. These are all entirely individual student efforts, so please write to their authors, help them learn, and help them to help make a difference.

One way to comment -- or ask questions is to use the excellent markup application a.nnotate. Fred Howell of Textensor Limited has graciously provided us with a subscrip­tion to allow us to experi­ment with uploading pdfs and other types of documents to share for group annotation and collab­oration on pdfs. (a.nnotate user guide)

Firm Crises / Crisis Management

Corporate Hostile Takeover -Thomas Ippolito

Corporate Integrity Agreements -Dennis Mahoney

Currency Crises - Emily Steinberg

Cyber War - Scott Yarosh

Gagosian Gallery: An Impending Crisis? -Charles Shoener (pdf)

Helium Shortage -Vira Homick

Leading through Crisis and Change: Self-­Care for Leaders -Ada Bicker

Piracy, Kidnapping - Dennis Mahoney

Table Top Case Study - Scott Yarosh (power point - 3.2m)

Web application to manage operational risks -Quang Ly

Personal Crises / Crisis Management

Personal Crises and Personal Disasters -Matt Keating

National Crises / Crisis Management (China)

Air pollution monitoring (China)  - Jennifer Wang

China’s Crisis of Class Solidification & Beijing’s Preparation -Fang Wang (power point)

National Crises / Crisis Management (US)

Earthquake Hazards in the United States - Matt Keating

Education: Fix American Schools? Simple: CHESS - Vincent Moss

Food Supply: The Urban Food Crisis - Patricia Shenk

Infrastructure: Power Grid - Jaclyn Hein

Infrastructure: Roads & Bridges - Jim Kennedy

Recycling (for kids) -Shaneal Warren

World Crises / Crisis Management

Antimicrobial Resistance -Rick Bryson

Foodborne Illness & Disease -Jennifer Chapman

Overpopulation -Xuejuan (Joyce) Zhang


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