A Systems Approach to Crisis Preparedness and Organizational Resilience

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cpor Subdirectories

The cpor site includes several subdirectories with a variety of documents:

  af  Antifragility
  avert  Averting Crisis
  ce  Crisis_Era: Prophetic or Alarmist? Is the end of the world as we know it on hand? Or are we “apocaholic”?
  cm  Crisis Management -- the basics
  dmc  Decisions making & crisis
  gov  Government & crisis: Governments' (in)ability to avert, cope with or manage crisis
  ia  Industrial agriculture
  itc  In the crisis
  pos  Positive Organization Scholarship
  pp  Positive Psychology
  ri  Resilience - Individuals
  ro  Resilience - Organizations
  rt  Resilience Theory
  w   Website Editing

cases cases used in class    lecture_notes lecture notes
papers my resilience papers  student student papers and presentations

  fin_crisis  Material connected with the 2009 Colloquium on Economic Instability and Organizational Resilience
  otc  Material connected with the 2011 Organizational Trauma Colloquium

Not operational at the moment:

  st  Systems Thinking (inc. System Dynamics)


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