A Systems Approach to Crisis Preparedness and Organizational Resilience

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Website To Do (cpor)

pages to fix up

all Individual Resilience pages

  • Page for Hugh Herr, link to ciow site
  • Agassi Ch 21 smtg screwey: "In South Africa, on safari with Brooke, late 1997,...
Include indices at bottom:

video page

add in videos to video page (maybe just links)


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change http://cpor.org/current_student_websites.cgi to http://cpor.org/student_websites.cgi

  • need to change where button goes to


all sites

  • Make video embed size smaller?


Creative commons attribution. Users should always write to me if they use....


Styles to fix:

  • Less indent for bullets
  • "Notes" style tighter vertically

Styles to create:

  • legal (see royko_lapd_rodney_king)
  • Paragraph (indented)
  • Block (no indent)
  • Novert ("no vertical spacing")
  • Quote (slight indent l&r, purple, italic)
  • Highlight(s)
  • Add these into editor?

    (Can Jeff copy WordPress feature?)


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