A Systems Approach to Crisis Preparedness and Organizational Resilience

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Survivalist Websites

Websites to help you Prepare for The End of the World as We Know It (TEOTWAWKI)


or at least a decent Wheat:Chaff Ratio

The Survivalist Blog  more than 3,000 articles posted on survival and self-reliance topics.

The Urban Survivalist

72 Hour Bugout Bag .com

The Redneck Survivalist "Preparing to survive if the world turns to crap" (sample post: SHTF VS. TEOTWAWKI 'Shit Hits The Fan' scenarios likely "aren’t going to last forever, but you need to get yourself and your family the skills, supplies and planning in place to survive these situations until order is restored and life can go back to normal..."...

Information for Survivalists  DEFINITELY not for everyone -- very Pro-Gun, "Pro-Constitution"; still, good information

Survivalist Forum

Prepare Strong

TEOTWAWKI Blog: "... about all things apocalyptic, from movie and book reviews, to thoughts and ramblings about survival and emergency prep and links to great resources on the Web.."



(Though they Show up Prominently on Google)

SurvivalBlog.com: "Daily Web Log for Prepared Individuals Living in Uncertain Times." (sample post: Simplify Now, Before TEOTWAWKI: " ... If anyone seriously thinks they can bug-out post-TEOTWAWKI, and come back to everything just as they left it, they are delusional. New preppers do not understand that very well, you really have to be prepared to leave it all permanently and be able to live and thrive somewhere else..." (Aug 4, 2012)

The Survival Mom™ "Let’s get acquainted! // I’m a mother of two spectacular homeschooled children and wife to a busy, self-employed husband. // I love Mexican food, a slightly messy house, my big ole white Tahoe, blogging and reading good spy thrillers." (sample post:28 Inconvenient Truths About TEOTWAWKI*: "Not everyone will survive. Ouch ... Preparedness will cost ... " ( Jun 19, 2012)


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